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Magnus, Robot Fighter Gold Key #1-28

Magnus is a fictional hero who first appeared in Magnus Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. #1, published by Gold Key Comics in February, 1963. Click here to read more...

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Go to shows and conventions It is important to meet with other collectors, dealers and experts. See what is selling and what is not.

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Collection Categories The categories are variously named. A partial list includes: Action figures, Art, Autographs, Automobile license plates, Books, Coins, Comic books, Computers and other Technology artifacts, Costume jewelry, Dolls, Fossils, Fountain pens, Marbles, Paper Money, Pins, Pez dispensers, Shells, Stamps (Philately), Toys, and Sports cards. The Wikipedia entry adds Antiques, Bottles, Boy Scout and Girl Guide memorabilia, Candles, Coasters, Coca-Cola items, Computers (especially Vintage computers), Crystals, Currency (Notaphily), Figurines, Furniture, Games, Insects, Seashells (Conchology), Keyrings, Lottery tickets (lotology), Lunchboxes, Model Horses, Numismatics and Token coins, Memorabilia, Militaria, Military art, Military models, Military uniforms, Model figures, Tin soldiers, Scale models, Model airplanes, Model cars, Model trains, Ship models, Paperweights, Patches and badges (Scutelliphily), Phone-cards, Plants, Postcards, Pottery, Records, Refrigerator magnets, Road Signs, Rocks, Stock Certificates (Scripophily), Silverware, Souvenirs, Stickers, Teapots, Teddy bears, Trading cards, Sports cards, Non-sports cards, Digital collectibles, Video games and Watches. Additional categories include: Maps/Printed materials, Household and personal objects, Textiles/Quilts, Robot toys, and toys in general (Star Wars, Star Trek).