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Magnus Valiant

Magnus returned in 1991. The new Magnus began where the Gold Key series ended. This collection includes the #0 origins issue available only with a coupon from Valiant by mail. Click here to read more...

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Inventory your most important collectibles Know what you have and where it is stored. Make sure that if something happened to you that a loved one would be able to manage the preservation or sale of your collectibles.

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Dealer A person who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold is called a dealer or trader. Also, dealer can refer to a a firm engaged in buying, selling and trading. An individual or firm acting as a principal, rather than as an agent, in the purchase and/or sale of collectibles. Some dealers also act as agents on behalf of the owner of a collectible. One who makes a full or part-time business of buying and selling collectible items to other dealers and collectors.