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Roosevelt Silver Dimes 1946-1964

A complete collection of US Roosevelt Dimes, both uncirculated and proof, from 1946 to 1964. Click here to read more...

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Use appropriate storage materials It is important to evaluate what storage is appropriate for each collectible item based on condition, size and value. The more valuable the item the more that one should invest in storage containers. When in doubt consult someone with more experience.

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Pricing As part of a sales transaction, both the buyer and seller need to appraise the value of a collectible. The buyer may assign a fixed price or the price may be negotiated. Pricing should be based upon sales of comparable artifacts and a sense of market demand. Some collectibles are price insensitive to wide differences in the condition of an artifact whereas other collectibles are highly price sensitive depending upon condition. An appraisal can assist in establishing a "fair" price for an artifact. Price is a function of both the objective and subjective value of an artifact to both the buyer and the seller.