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Theresienstadt Ghetto Geld

Theresienstadt Concentration Camp was established by the Nazis as a jail/work camp for Jews from Czechoslovakia. It was a show camp and money was printed to "pay" inmates. It is not clear that the so-called "ghetto geld" actually circulated. Click here to read more...

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Set realistic collecting goals What is you goal for your collection? Do you have both short-term and long-term goals? Do you want a small collection of rare exceptional items? Do you want a collection that is decorative rather than "rare"? Do you want quantity to fill a show room or living room? Is the collection an investment or a hobby? Depending upon your goals, your tactics for finding and collecting items will differ.

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Collector is a person who has an interest is gathering objects and preserving them for personal, professional or other reasons. A collector searches for objects that meet collecting goals and evaluates them in terms of authenticity, value, condition and overall collectibility. A person is a collector when they brings items together into a group. People collect things for lots of reasons - - including that it is fun